Dear Friends,
I want to share with you a few of the
remarks made by my clients, in regard
to the quality and accuracy of my  
psychic and mediumship readings.  

I have been to many psychics, but none have been able to match your
accuracy. Not only have you been able to correctly read a situation, but
you have been able to predict lovers and the words they would say,
identify job issues and correctly predict the outcomes and at the same
time, it feels as if every time I get a reading from you, I get a healing as
well. Your sensitivity and accuracy are unmatched.

I highly recommend Chandara to anyone.

G. F., Marketing Consultant, Santa Cruz, CA
Chandara is a one-of-a-kind psychic.  She understands people and can tell
you all about someone she’s never met or heard of before.  I use her services
in caring for my patients, and I admit that her abilities are completely
uncanny.  When I ask her about a specific patient, she can tell me the
condition of that person and what’s going to happen with them.  She’s always
right.  I rely on her to advise me whenever I have a problem reaching a
diagnosis.  She knows how to interpret any kind of situation, and she’s also
done readings for me on many other subjects of personal interest.  I’ve
worked with other talented psychics before, but I prefer to work with her.  Get
a reading from Chandara and you’ll be amazed.  I know a great psychic when
I see one.

I.F., Doctor of Chiropractic, Chino Hills, CA


Chandara – The Medium’s Medium

Chandara aside from being one of the most insightful and discerning of
intuitive councilors – Chandara is also very intelligent and witty. Her nimble
intellect coupled with her capacity to sense and see creates a neural-network
with extraordinary sensory and lightening quick analytical skill. Her
exceptional perceptive and cognitive connection skill is coupled with great
sensitivity and a playful artistic delivery style.

Chandara’s readings are always exhilarating – somewhat like being inside a
novel-writer’s head when an ingenious plot is being revealed – this skill
makes her readings truly remarkable. She has forecasted both business
related quirks and romantic encounters for me that have proven over time to
be accurate and completely invisible to me – prior to their happening. I trust
Chandara, enjoy her amazing intuitive gifts, and have benefited immensely
from the wisdom her readings have imparted to me.

T.W.. High Tech Entrepreneur and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner,
Palo Alto, CA

© 2014 Chandara
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What People Are Saying About Chandara's Readings....
Dearest Chandara,

My meeting you was a truly a "Gift from God".  Being an alcoholic who
unintentionally and emotionally hurt & destroyed my family relationships in
one weekend!   I was heartbroken & praying for help. I hated myself & felt
like everyone was my judge & jury. I (previously) had only one person in my
life time who I could truly say was the best Psychic on earth, but they had
retired years ago.

Now I can put Chandara up on that pedestal of the "Best Psychic" you'll ever
meet.  I have gone to many Psychic Fairs throughout the years and have
never had "anyone" read for me who I felt I truly believed!   I never had to say
anything other then "yes" to her ability to read into my problems. Her
interpretations of the people and troubling situations were right on target.  I
knew I met the right person to assist me in my time of emotional and physical
destruction.   I didn't realize the impact she would have on my life!  The next
day after meeting her, I began a personal journal with life changing
conditions which I thought were strange, but actually worked.  I went to see
her exactly one week later to tell her "Thank You" for the impact she had on
my life. She read me, counseled me with such emotion I can't even explain.  I
can honestly say "Chandara saved my Life".    

I trust and know I have found my true Psychic friend for life!

T.R.  Medical Billing Administrator, Los Gatos, CA  

Thank you so much Chandara!  I loved my reading you gave me!  It was
such a wonderful experience.  The answers you gave me have really given
me the confidence to keep on my path of becoming a priestess.  It's in my
soul!  It was so amazing how accurate your answers were.  The fact that you
told me I was a priestess of Isis in a past life, before I even told you anything
about my recent associations with Isian faith,  really made me feel like you
knew what you were doing.  And then the part about my boyfriend and I
being secret lovers in Egypt really tickled me.  I am so pleased and will be
coming back to you for guidance in the future.   Thank you again!

Love and Light
L. B.  Homemaker, Windsor, CA
CHANDARA • Psychic Medium • Channeled Readings

I am in complete agreement with Chandara's other clients who have written
testimonials about the superior quality of her work.  I was in tremendous
emotional pain, I had just lost my most precious dog unexpectedly, and
needed immediate answers about what happened.  Working with Chandara
brought me much relief. Chandara assisted my dog's spirit in crossing over
to the Other Side.  I am grateful to her for having assisted me during this
very difficult time.

Chandara also helped me gain clarity in a situation I had with a man I was
attracted to. As soon as she began to describe him, I sat there in complete
amazement. Everything she said about him was completely true! Chandara's
insight helped me realize that this man was not a good candidate for me for
a relationship.  Thanks to Chandara I avoided wasting my time and energy
on something that would not work anyway.

Chandara is an outstanding reader, one of the best I have ever had a
psychic reading from. I am so pleased with the readings I have received from
Chandara over the last few months. I look forward to continue to work with
her, and I highly recommend her work to anyone interested in receiving very
accurate information. She is a lot of fun to work with and genuinely caring
and sincere. You will love her too!

T.A., Entrepreneurial sales and law student, San Mateo, CA

Chandara gave me a mediumship reading,  channeling my step mother Betsy,
who made her transition last year. I wanted to know if Betsy had anything to say
to my father who is missing her so much. Chandara told me that Betsy wanted
him to smile more and go out dancing as much as possible.  Betsy is really happy
and she is a delightful woman.

After the reading, I told my Dad and he was so happy, he has been taking
dancing lessons and going out 3 nights a week dancing. Betsy knows my Dad
loves to dance, because that is how they first met. When Chandara said that
about the dancing, I knew she was in direct communication with Betsy.

Thank you so much for your insight and sharing it with the planet.

M.A., Spiritual Life Coach, San Jose, CA