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On The Other Side
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Sharing my psychic abilities to help
others has been a real blessing, both for
my clients and for me.  I channel answers
to all life issues, no matter how large or
small. Frequently people ask me about
challenging scenarios, such as
confusing relationships, changing career,
unhappy pets, where to relocate, and
much more.  I have helped people figure
out new directions for their lives, and
which choice is for the highest good for
their future.  Clients have told me that my
readings have had positive and even
profound effects on their lives.
Channeled Psychic Readings
As a Psychic, I work with my Guides in
channeling information during a reading.  
This information comes to me in the form
of pictures, sounds, messages, and very
specific details, to give you complete
answers to your questions.

Besides being a Psychic, I am also a
Dowser.  I work with a pendulum while
channeling, and it's fascinating to watch
the pendulum move as the energy shifts
with each of your questions.  From its
swinging, I am able to calibrate the
answers you seek to a high degree of
accuracy.   I also use the pendulum for
getting definitive answers about timing,
such as when a  specific event will
happen, or other questions you may have.
Psychometry Readings
Psychometry is the art of holding an
object and reading its sensory vibrations.  
For this type of reading, I like to use a
watch or piece of jewelry that you wear all
the time, as it will have picked up your
vibration. If neither of these are available,
even car keys can be used!  As I hold the
object, I receive messages, pictures, and
sometimes sounds,  using my psychic
abilities to channel the answers to your
questions and to give you a sense of your
life direction.
Heavenly Access is a type of afterlife
communication, giving you the
opportunity to reconnect with your friends
and loved ones who have crossed over,
or who are crossing over.  I make
contact with them on The Other Side,
and relay all messages, creating an
interactive conversation between you
and them.  This very special type of
reading can help you gain comfort, and
experience peace of mind.
Heavenly Access Sessions
I will set the energy of each session
before starting, and make sure that the
session is conducted in a safe space for
your comfort and well-being.  During a
session, you will have the opportunity to
communicate with one or several loved
ones (of your choosing) on The Other

These sessions can be done in person
or by phone.  In person, you can have a
private one-on-one session or a group
session for your family and friends.

Heavenly Access sessions are done by
appointment and must be booked well
in advance.  Please contact me for more
details or to make arrangements.
Automatic Writing
Sometimes your loved ones on The
Other Side have a very special message
for you, which they choose to send in
written form.  These messages are very
personal, and can be life changing!  
Through a process called Automatic
Writing, I can channel their message
and deliver it to you as a written
transcript.  This can be done in person
or by mail.
Soul Assistance
This is offered to help those who have
died and whose soul is stuck in "the
void", to assist them to "The Light".  This
service is usually requested by friends
or relatives of the deceased.  Please
contact me for further details and to
Chandara offers 2 types of services:

Psychic Readings - to help you gain clarity and understanding about your
love life, your relationships, your career, your personal life.   Gain
knowledge about people, situations, new directions and potentials in all
parts of your life.  Perfect for those at a crossroads and needing answers.

Heavenly Access (Afterlife Communication) - to assist you in
communicating with your friends and loved ones who have crossed over.