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Dear Chandara,
I have been to many psychics, but none have been able to match your
accuracy. Not only have you been able to correctly read a situation,
but you have been able to predict lovers and the words they would say,
identify job issues and correctly predict the outcomes and at the same
time, it feels as if every time I get a reading from you, I get a healing as
well. Your sensitivity and accuracy are unmatched.

I highly recommend Chandara to anyone.

G. F., Santa Cruz                 See more testimonials

To arrange an in-person or phone reading
or for more information,
please contact Chandara
(510) 964-7748

Personal Readings for
job changes   life transitions
celebrations and birthdays
needing answers to questions

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Welcome to
I am Chandara, and I enjoy          
helping people gain clarity           
about their lives through
readings.  Please see my
Bio to    
learn more about me and my        
psychic abilities.
Accurate and Empowering
Channeled Psychic Readings

Afterlife Communication
***Heavenly Access***


Private Readings by Appointment
(510) 964-7748
One of my specialties is the ability to communicate with those who are crossing over or
who have already passed over to The Other Side.  I call this type of communication
"Heavenly Access", and during a session, I give you the opportunity to have interactive
conversation with your loved ones on The Other Side.  Also offered are
Writing and Soul Assistance services, also part of Heavenly Access.
I work in the San Francisco Bay area.
If you are local to me, please schedule a reading in person.

For those who are outside this area, I gladly do phone readings.
My clients are located throughout the U.S. and Europe.

All readings are kept under strict confidentiality.


To arrange an appointment for a reading, please contact
(510) 964-7748

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Over the years I have helped many people just like you to realize their potential in life
through my readings.  As a Clairvoyant, I work with my Guides to provide you with clear
and accurate answers to your specific life issues, large and small.  My offerings include  
Channeled Psychic Readings, Dowsing, and Psychometry.