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CHANDARA • Psychic Medium • Channeled Readings
Please contact Chandara by phone or email.
Phone:  (510) 964-7748
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Psychic Readings can be done in person or by phone.  I accept cash or
personal checks (only) for in-person readings.  All phone readings are
paid by credit card, using PayPal.  Please contact me for more details
and to schedule your reading.  Although I live in the San Francisco Bay
area, my clients call in for phone readings from all around the world.

Heavenly Access sessions (in which you have interactive
communication with your loved ones on The Other Side) can be done in
person or by phone.  In person, you can have a private one-on-one
session or a group session for your family and friends.  These sessions
must be booked well in advance.  Please contact me to discuss details
and make arrangements.

Thank You For Visiting